Friday, 28 June 2013


'Home' by the awesome Michael Buble was released in 2005. It was his debut single in the UK and didn't do very well in the charts (No.162).

I love Michael Buble , he is gorgeous and seems like a really nice guy!. His voice is magical, like velvet....and this is a beautiful song. Did I mention I am going to see him in Las Vegas in November....I am so excited!

Listen to the song and watch the video here

This song choice is perfect for today because I am flying home tomorrow, back to the UK to see family & friends. I won't be gone long, just over a week but I am really looking forward to it.

I do love living in California but I miss home, and the UK will always be my home....

I have lots planned (too much):

- I should have a roast dinner waiting for me when I get to my mums house
- I have a twilight spa day at Aqua Sana booked for the following evening (lets hope I can stay awake)
- I am going shopping for all my favourite UK food/beauty products (twiglets!)
- I am meeting friends for a meal
- Catching up with my favourite neighbours
- Going to Shipley Country Park where my dads ashes were scattered
- Going to my favourite fish n chip shop
- Going to my nieces 3rd birthday party
- Another roast dinner with my sister
- Another spa day with my mum to Ragdale Hall

I will do my very best to keep blogging whilst I am away but I only have my phone and Ipad with me. I should be able to post a few pics along the way though, I just won't be able to be very creative or comment back very often.

Wish me a good flight!


  1. How delightful! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Have an amazing time chick - don't forget to pack the sun, because it keeps f-ing raining!! We could really do with some sunshine :) xx

    1. Thanks honey! I think the sun is coming with me, a little bit anyway...

      It's going to be nearing 100 degrees here in California so I'm quite glad to be getting away from it x

  3. Love the track! :) best song to listen to when you're on your way home!

    Have a safe trip! :)

  4. Hope you're having a fab time.