Monday, 28 June 2010

illustration diary


Day One...I got a parking ticket! how annoying after only being 4 minutes late back to the car. Evil traffic warden...anyway, it inspired me to start my illustration diary.

The stripes from the bag the ticket was in have been used as a border. Yellow & black reminded me of buzzing bees round a honey pot.

It is very hot today in the midlands, scorchio! as my dad would say. I've spent the rest of the day in the garden, the birds are singing, the sky is blue. Perfecto.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hearts in design

Heart shaped gifts for the home are in all the shops at the moment. I love these hearts made from cut out maps from Etsy online (Map Heart Garland)

The best things in life come in three's... My three hearts are taken from larger designs I have created based on the 50's - 00's. I used these as part of my a final project in my degree.